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ABOUT AMERICAN JUSTICE: If Saddam Hussein had not been so hardheaded, he'd be alive today. If he would have requested his trial be moved to the United States, he would have been found not guilty like O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake, Michael Jackson, and now Casey Anthony.

KEEP AN EYE ON Casey Anthony. She'll have a book written telling her side of story. She'll receive a large sum of money for the book, get married, move to Moosehead N.D., and have a family. I don't want to mention what might happen to the kids when she gets tired of them.

WHILE OUR NATION is fighting in other countries and establishing democratic governments, we should also be fighting for ourselves. A return to the basic ideals, our forefathers established in our democracy should be the nation's priority.

IF FARMERS CAN get federal aid, I think it is about time for the builders to be eligible for federal disaster money. The feds put us in this mess and doesn't look like we will be getting out any time soon!

LISTENING TO President Obama's last two speeches on the problems facing America today would indicate that he believes every problem this country can be traced back to George Bush, extremist Republicans, or climate change/global warming. Who would have known?

HUGE RANT TO the oil companies. Gas prices went from 3.29 to 3.49 in 1 week with no holidays. That's insane ... time for gas price ceilings!

THE FEDERAL "program" called Fast and Furious gave federal weapons money to Mexican drug cartels, obviously enemies of the U.S. and thus of the U.S. government. Treason is to "give aid and comfort" to an enemy; and surely foreign drug cartels who invade our borders and murder our border agents are the enemy.

I'M ORIGINALLY from Greenville, S.C. I'll tell you that in Greenville they did lots of other things first to improve their downtown before building a baseball stadium. First and foremost they focused on keeping the downtown streets safe and clean and inviting at all hours. A stadium was one of the last things they did and I don't see where it has done all that much. I actually prefer Lake Olmstead where you don't have to pay $7 to park.

THIS IS A RANT for anyone who goes through other people's mailboxes. Just because they're military and out of town a lot doesn't give you the right to take advantage of that. We have put a hold on our mail and our house-sitter checks it but sometimes mail still comes through. It is not yours.


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