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A NATIONWIDE charter-schools study found that nearly half of charter schools in Detroit do as well as the local public school; more than a third did worse and just 17 percent did better. Atlanta says 46 out of 55 cheater schools do better than charter schools who don't cheat. Maybe you just can't put lipstick on a pig.

E-15 (15 PERCENT ETHANOL) has been determined by the EPA to be OK for "late model cars and light trucks." Marinas and small engine repair folks say E-10 (10 percent ethanol) is harmful to boat engines and small engines. Who to believe: the government or local repair people?

HEADLINE: "GOP CONGRESSMAN: 'Impeachable offense' if Obama bypasses Congress on debt ceiling." Amen! Rep. Tim Scott is standing tall. Obama should have been impeached months back.

BEFORE MAGGIE DOUGLAS, the Bellevue Avenue mom, found herself in a situation that she thinks warrants the inane idea of a four-way stop on Highland Avenue, which is already loaded with traffic lights, perhaps she should have either taught her little one about crossing a busy street in traffic, walked with him herself or picked him up in the car and driven him home.

WHO WERE THE geniuses that established the Rae's Creek canal spillway park near the spillway? Now due to vandalism, misconduct and abuse of that area the whole canal road to the pumping station is closed off to public recreational use. Tell the group responsible ... my two porties are upset they can't get to their favorite water hole in this intense heat wave.

LESS BUSINESS for the mall and downtown Augusta is great for the competition ... especially if you profit from Surrey Center. Thugs will be taking over Surrey soon if Deke does not accept his responsibility to enforce Augusta's nuisance ordinance: Article 1 sec 7-2-2 (Notice the wording ... "acts" and "behavior").

HERE WE GO AGAIN, pay for all wages, expenses, repairs, equipment plus $5,000 per month and still don't make a profit for years! All they manage to do is eliminate six city workers from benefits and all is needed is to raise the green fees to modern-day prices, or close The Patch. What a bunch of fools we have in commissioners.

IF ANYONE wants to know how to get the city's golf course operating in the black within 24 hours, it's simple. I know that it would upset a lot of good ol' boys, but all you have to do is charge everyone who plays green fees.

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