Genealogy society founder Adamson dies

Carrie Adamson, the founder and lifetime honorary president of the Augusta Genealogical Society, died Wednesday of natural causes.


Adamson was a local historian, creating the Augusta Genealogical Society in 1979 with her husband, Lt. Ray Adamson and 84 other charter members.

Adamson was born in Clearfield, Pa., but moved to the Augusta area with her husband in 1964.

Lt. Adamson later retired from Fort Gordon but the Adamsons remained in the area.

In a story in The Augusta Chronicle dated September 1984, Carrie Adamson said she loved learning about her ancestors because it taught her things about herself as well.

"I found out what my ancestors were really like, not just their births and deaths," she said.

"It's endless, and you could go on and on with the research. There's always an element of surprise involved."

The Augusta Genealogical Society now has more than 1,500 members in 44 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, Singapore, Germany and Ireland.

According to her friend of more than 30 years, Elizabeth Swink, Adamson's interest in genealogy was a perfect combination for the things she was passionate about.

"She just loved research, and she loved people," Swink said. "It takes people to do research, and genealogy is research about people."

Adamson served on many local boards and organizations, from the Committee for Augusta's 250th Year Celebration to president of the Fort Gordon Officers' Wives Club. She spoke frequently on local history and genealogy.

Platt's Funeral Home on Crawford Avenue is handling funeral arrangements. A memorial service is planned for Tuesday at Covenant Presbyterian Church.