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THANK YOU FOR THE great coverage of the South Carolina baseball team. How proud we all should be of Augusta State golf and South Carolina baseball. These young men are definitely wonderful role models for our youths.


THE JURY FOUND Casey Anthony "not guilty," but I found her "guilty" and I'm giving her a "life sentence" for the death of little Caylee. I want Casey to be reminded each and every day for the rest of her life of what she did to Caylee. Casey knows the truth of what happened, and I want her to live with that truth every day as her "life sentence."

THE ARTICLE ABOUT Wayne Eggins Jr. and his fiancee, Ms. Johnson, runs the gamut on emotional response for me and probably most readers. I do feel for Mr. Eggins and admire his response to his challenge. The problem I have with the story is the fact that they chose to bring a newborn into the equation. As taxpayers, we know that there are medical expenses incurred at a huge level that taxpayers will have to pay. Then on top of that, they choose to bring into the world another dependent that will be a longtime expense to the Medicaid and other types of public support system. We should not have to bear an expense that should have been avoided.

RICHMOND COUNTY gets more fragile every day because of crime and blight. We need a mayor who has a backbone, who will do for Augusta what Rudy Giuliani did for New York.

LET'S BE HONEST. Augusta is not much of a minor league ball supporter (or any sport besides golf) so there's no point in building an even bigger stadium. Use the money to fix up the riverfront like Savannah; now there's a logical thought.

AS FAR AS I'M concerned, people can have all the same-sex relationships they want. But to biologically produce a child, it takes the opposite-sex relationship. In other words, the male sperm and female egg relationship. That's the way God created it.

THIS IS A RANT to our youths. Several years ago our youths trashed Regency Mall. Now, years later, your sons and daughters are doing the same to Augusta Mall. This is all a reflection on the home base and religion and upbringing.

WITH SO MANY CATS being put to sleep every day, more should be thought about fixing and releasing these animals, having feral colonies where they can live.

THIS IS A RANT TO all employers who hire illegal immigrants. They are criminals and are breaking the law, and you are criminals for hiring them.

IT'S RAINING. I guess the lights and cable will be off any minute now. Only in Augusta.

WE MAY NEVER know the truth of the Caylee Anthony case, but there is one who knows the truth and that someone is God. God knows the truth and nothing but the truth. Amen!

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