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RANT: WHO LEAVES a $30,000 necklace and $2,000 in their purse, at work, at the Mall? Sorry, but, you should have known better.

COSTCO EMPLOYEES will most likely reside in Evans and N. Augusta. Costco has no contract to hire Richmond County residents. Half of RC deputies reside outside RC. The backbone of Richmond County gets more fragile every day because of crime and blight!

AUGUSTA IS GOING to be really cool when Ripken moves the baseball team to a city that supports a new stadium.

A GREAT DEAL of Midwest flooding happened because the federal government build too many levees. Now, years later, look at how stupidly destructive the federal government has been with OUR money. And still, politicians are quite certain they can control anything, even the weather, even nature.

I USED TO live in Knob Hill. Despite what has been portrayed in the media, there are many great people who live there, and I really miss some of my neighbors. However, I do not miss the Knob Hill Homeowners Association. I have never dealt with such an unreasonable group of folks in my life. But the HOA is not representative of the neighborhood in general.

IS THERE NOTHING in the whole of the CSRA that is newsworthy enough to feature on the front page of The Augusta Chronicle (June 29, 2011 edition) other than a South Carolina baseball team? I mean really, that's why you have a "Sports" section -- keep it there and not on the front page. I'm seriously considering canceling my subscription.

I NOTICE MAYOR Deke skipped his headline event with the celebrity softball event this past weekend at Lake Olmstead Stadium. Was he afraid that he'd have a backlash from the fans about his new stadium thing that nobody wants?

QUIT FOOLING AROUND with Medicare A and B. If you made mistakes and stole money out of the Social Security, then it's up to you to pay it back, not the senior citizens.

THE CHRISTIAN opinions I've heard aren't so kind. There's plenty of sensitivity towards you, but most of you don't believe that God created us all equal. Those of you who believe that way give Christianity a bad name and that's my reason for no longer attending church.

THIS IS A RANT for KNOB HILL, and possibly Homes for Troops. One, or both of you guys dropped the ball. Y'all should have found a way to make this happen. SFC Gittens: You and your family are formally invited to move to and live comfortably in the CITY OF HARLEM.

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