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THIS IS A RAVE for the Augusta Fire Department Firefighters located on Richmond Hill Road who arrived within a few minutes after a tree fell on power lines on Martin Road causing numerous rapid outage explosions of four or five power circuits. This occurred between 11:30 p.m. and midnight during the storm on June 21; and the firefighters stayed right there until the Georgia Power Co. repairmen arrived about a half-hour or so later to make the necessary repairs. Within approximately two hours, our section of this neighborhood had regained power -- yes, I know as a homeowner our taxes are part of this type of coverage protection, but I felt so safe and secure knowing they were all there! What great, great service! Thanks to all of you!

NEWS PHOTO SHOWS somebody supporting lawbreaking immigrants (holding) a sign reading "Brown is beautiful." What does "'brown is beautiful" have to do with rewarding lawbreakers? But aha! The photo caption say this person is a "community organizer." That's what Obama used to be. Is the sign-carrying "organizer," herself, here legally?

THE SUPPLEMENT THAT you included with a recent Wednesday paper, titled "Life After 50!" shows a happy couple in a convertible with the top down, not using seat belts and not wearing hats or sunglasses. The title should have been "Living Foolishly After 50."

THIS IS A HUGE RAVE for the Augusta Commission and the road paving crew that showed up in our subdivision a couple of days ago. We waited a long time to get our streets resurfaced, but the wait was worth it. The crew was working in torrid heat, but their work was perfect. They showed special interest for everyone's property. Thanks to all involved.

THIS IS IN REGARDS to the stadium issue on the river. Really, let's face reality. I've been to Chattanooga to see the stadium on the river there and I had a wonderful time. I've been to Durham. The stadium downtown was beautiful. Augusta, let's have a stadium downtown on Reynolds Street and you will bring more business to downtown. We'd have a wonderful place to visit, go watch the ballgame, eat and relax, and enjoy Augusta.

DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM with cell phones being banned on the campus, but there needs to be a pay phone on the outside for students to contact their parents when they're finished with after-school activities.

I HAVE HAD A COMPUTER for 6 weeks, and all I have gotten from it is headaches, HIGHER blood pressure, and a lighter pocketbook. Like the recent rant from the reader, I read, (books, and the newspaper) There's TV, and I also have a life -- on Earth, not cyberspace.

OUR COMMUNITY is blessed to have 4H's Shirley Williamson supporting our youth. Her tireless efforts to ensure that all participants grow from their experiences should be commended.

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