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THIS IS TALKING about the meeting to address postal service issues. Why would the meeting be held in Evans when it is directly affecting the main post office in Augusta at 525 Eighth St.? Why do we have to go all the way to Evans to address issues that's dealing with downtown? That's what's wrong with the post office. They just don't even have a clue.

I QUIT FIVE YEARS ago after smoking for 60 years. I didn't quit because of warning labels or price. I quit because I knew I would not be alive much longer. The government needs to either make tobacco use illegal or get off the back of smokers. It should be illegal to charge more than $10 a carton for cigarettes or to restrict smoking in outdoor areas.

RANT TO ANY judge who is this ignorant and any group that would even make such a request: Judge Thomas Thrash granted a request from civil liberties groups to block a part of Georgia's law that penalizes people who knowingly and willingly transport or harbor illegal immigrants while committing another crime.

AS SOMEONE WHO used to live in "Snob" Hill, I can tell you that this homeowners association board of directors is comprised of a bunch of busy-bodies on ego trips. They act like the neighborhood is their little kingdom. I hate this happened to the Gittens family, but they will be much happier somewhere else. I know we are.

THIS IS A RAVE for tobacco products. Without tobacco to fill the peace pipes, we could still be fighting Indians. John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart might not have won World War II without cigarettes. Cowboys would never have mastered the art of roll your own. And where would Winston Churchill be without his cigar? Let's not forget the famous general and his corncob pipe.

I APPLAUD THE homeowners in the Knob Hill subdivision for standing by their building requirements. These bleeding heart organizations with their millions in taxpayers' money, which has been given to them by the government, will select a project and run roughshod over anyone that gets in their way. They accomplish their mission by intimidation using the media to slant the facts.

I JUST WANT everyone to know I am a bona-fide heterosexual and proud of it! Now, where's my parade? Where's my "Don't hate on me cause I'm normal" law?

THIS IS FOR THE officer in Thomson. I praise him for doing his job. He was only trying to protect the citizens of the county. And for him to be subjected to the mayor and the other criticisms that he has gotten, it is not fair. We need more officers like him. And God help him to keep his job because you know how small-town politics are. Let's see if he loses his job or if he's praised for the courage he had to do what was right.

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