Order puts vet's home on hold for now

Construction on a house for Sgt. 1st Class Sean Gittens, a partially paralyzed Army veteran, might get under way next month in Knob Hill subdivision in Evans.

A house for disabled war veteran Sean Gittens might be built in an Evans subdivision, after all.


Homes for Our Troops founder John Gonsalves said he spoke Friday morning to the president of the Knob Hill Property Owners Association, which issued a cease-and-desist order days before construction of a home was scheduled to begin.

"He said they will approve the size of the house," Gonsalves said. "But because their covenants are so vague, we've asked them to list out in detail exactly what else they are looking for."

Construction at Knob Hill is guided by covenants and an architectural control board. The association initially said the planned house was too small to fit in with other houses on the street and later added other issues to its concerns, such as proper landscaping and irrigation.

Gonsalves has said the association approved the home design June 2, so his group moved forward with plans. The association reversed its decision last week as the site was being prepared. Its president, Rick Trump, maintains that the approval process was continuing and that Homes for Our Troops had not gotten the final approval.

Trump said he felt confident an agreement could be worked out during the weekend.

"We've given them suggestions as to some specific architectural details," Trump said. "We're just looking for some documentation from them that we hadn't seen prior to this."

Homes for Our Troops is a national organization that has built homes free of charge for severely disabled veterans. Construction for Gittens, a sergeant first class who is partially paralyzed, was scheduled to begin Friday.

If an agreement is reached, construction could begin next month, Gonsalves said.

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