Augusta woman collects millions

Three weeks ago, Joyce Hendrix was fired, but she had a smile on her face Thursday when she was handed a check for $3 million.


The 55-year-old grandmother of four said she almost collapsed in the doorway of Smart Grocery at 3221 Wrightsboro Road when she scratched her Super Millions instant ticket Wednesday.

"The cashiers went to hollering," she said. "I only lived five minutes away, and I could barely drive home."

Hendrix said she went to God when she was fired from her job as a supervisor at a local grocery store. If God helped her get back on her feet, she promised, she would never play again.

"He blessed me pretty good," she said. "So it might be awhile before I play again."

Her only plans right now are to hide out and maybe load her freezer with steaks from her former place of business. After a few weeks, she plans to look for a new job.

With a large grin and a big green check in her hands, she said she is not one to sit still.

She will be looking at other options, however, such as opening her own cleaning business. She mainly aspires to help her family with her winnings.