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THIS WEEK, IN particular, Dr. Azziz is right. Augusta's anything but cool. It's downright hot!

DO YOU KNOW how sick I am of people telling me what I'm losing by not having the Internet or Facebook or Twitter or a cellphone that does everything except use Charmin for me? I also still subscribe to The Augusta Chronicle and I read books. I'm not a twit or twitterer or whatever it's called. I have a life.

THIS IS A BIG rant for Mayor Deke Copenhaver for snubbing Augusta's gay community. And this is a big rave for Joe Bowles, who will take his place and welcome visitors to The Garden City.

TO THE IDIOT who says the U.S. Open is such a easy course: Why are there only 13 under par and an additional 10 even after 36 holes (out of 150 players)? These are the greatest players in the world! Maybe you should go watch NASCAR and complain about the tracks.

A BIG RAVE TO the Southern Co. crews who worked so hard to get our power back on. Crews from Kentucky and Alabama got our power back on after 36 hours of being without. Great job. Thank you!

HEADLINE: "NBC apologizes for cutting "under God" from Pledge of Allegiance before U.S. Open." Such a cut was obviously on purpose. Thank goodness not so many Americans ever watch NBC these days.

MAKE ME UNDERSTAND. One rant says living in Augusta is like serving time. But on the same page it says, "Augusta makes top 100 cities to live." What gives?

THIS IS A RAVE to Georgia Power men that left their homes at night to come out Friday when we lost all of our lights and Thursday when there was no power and put up new lines and string new cable so that the people of Augusta could have power. Way to go, guys. Thank you for a job well done. You are appreciated.

FRAUD IN THE STATE jobs assistance program? Surprise! Why don't you check food stamps and welfare? They will defraud a work program for welfare people, what makes you think they won't defraud the actual welfare. Someone needs to wake up and save the taxpayers' money. Just think what could be done with the money.

IF YOU'RE CONSIDERING a reverse mortgage, get all the facts (which they won't tell you). "No more mortgage payments." True, but now we call them "finance charges." It's costing me $310 a month to live in my own house. But there's no more mortgage payments, just "finance charge" now. What a mistake!

THE USA HAS GOT way too many senators, too many in Congress. We have too many people on the federal payroll. About half of them should be fired. Look what a savings that would be.

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