Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RANT to Georgia Power. Why is it every time the power goes out, the people on Clanton Road are the last ones to get service when just up the street half a mile or a mile has power all up and down it?

THIS IS A RANT to many of the area's motorists. The storms that passed through knocked out several traffic lights. I guess it's not common knowledge, but a nonfunctioning traffic light becomes a four-way stop. It does not mean it's OK to drive through the intersection without even slowing down.

I SEE THAT MEXICO and 10 other countries have joined in the legal fight against Georgia's new immigration law. What these countries should be doing is supporting the laws of this country and spending their time in stemming the flow of immigrants to this country.

RANTS TO THOSE college heads for the large raises. They don't deserve or need the money. The system is in the red and they continue to make more and more money. Where is their sense of pride and consideration for others?

THE SAVANNAH RIVER Site says it needs $9.7 billion -- that's BILLION -- to "construct a facility" to get rid of spent fuel. Out of so much, how many mere millions will be pocketed by politicians and politicians' pals before even one tiny little MOX is facilitated? How do you facilitate a MOX?

I ATTENDED THE Augusta Technical College graduation on Wednesday evening and was in my seat on time. Many individuals who did not plan well came in very late and proceeded to sit in an unauthorized area. When the security guard and the sheriff's officer made them relocate, they all decided to stand in the aisle behind us, talking loudly and using cell phones so that we could not hear the commence speaker. And then they had the audacity to tell me to turn around when I asked them to please be quiet. Whatever happened to arriving on time, obeying do not enter signs, enforcing the rules and then allowing others to enjoy the event?

I AGREE WITH Dr. Azziz's analysis of Augusta. It is time Augusta moved forward in many areas to create a safe thriving environment along our riverfront. Many shops, restraurants, entertainment and art activities would stimulate the growth of not only GHSU, but also Augusta State University. Some people in the CSRA are "stuck in concrete" and don't want to see the proper changes take place that will benefit the Garden City. ... Citizens should welcome new growth and different ideas instead of the "plantation mentality" that thrives in Richmond County!

THIS IS A RAVE to the nice person that flashed their lights at me to let me know that there was a patrol car running radar up ahead. I made sure after I passed the patrol car that I flashed my lights for the next couple of miles at oncoming traffic.