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It is Flag Day , and in my neighborhood, only about one out of 25 houses has an American flag displayed. I will bet it would be the same in any neighborhood. As far as that goes, not too many businesses display the flag, either. Probably will be the same this Fourth of July. "Proud to be an American?"

I WISH THERE was some way they could dock the Augusta Commission's pay for a month for their talking about whether they're going to meet in the municipal building or the courthouse. The municipal building's been a courthouse all these years. I don't understand it. I mean, they spent a whole month.

THE HEADLINE SAYS, Neumar has died, family says. Why is that interesting news? I mean, get a life. Why don't you report something interesting?

THIS IS A RANT to all the drivers who think the ramps have the right of way on the interstate highway. The ramps do not have the right of way. The driver who's already on the road has the right of way.

RANT TO COBRIDGE Communications for refusing to carry the MLB package on Fort Gordon. Being able to watch our hometown teams is a big morale issue.

TO THE RANTER who posted about EMTs leaving dirty medical gloves; I hope you know that EMTs do not take their gloves off while treating a patient. If there is a wreck, you are more than likely going to have first responders who include the fire department, etc. Don't make assumptions that you have no clue about. Worry more about the EMTs and first responders saving a life and not so much about gloves on the side of the road.

ABOUT THIS DOWNTOWN ballpark proposal: Maybe the commission could state up front that no tax money will be used to pay for it. So, if the team owners want to proceed with their own money, then that's fine and dandy. So, Fred Russell can (talk) with them but make it clear that using any tax money is a nonstarter.

PRESIDENT OBAMA recently stated the we got back all the loaned money, including interest, from Chrysler. Well, that's not really true; in fact, when all the numbers are accounted for it means that we will get back about 90 percent of what was loaned. Just like a car loan, we need to read the fine print when Obama speaks.

WHY ARE Evans and Martinez more important to the people than the people in rural Columbia County. Can't even get their roads done, but Evans and Martinez can get riding paths, motorcycle paths. We pay taxes, too. Come on, commissioners. Please take a look at rural Columbia County. Maybe some bylaws need to be changed here.

THIS IS A RANT to the folks who work out there at DFCS: I stood inside DFCS today and called you just to see if you would answer the phone. You said please hold and when you put me on hold, you was eating a sandwich. You know what? Just because I need assistance doesn't mean you can do us people that are getting help from the welfare office any kind of way. We're people, too. How dare you? Oh, and I took your picture, too. Have a good day.

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