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N.Y. REP. Anthony Weiner lies to the public, his constituents, so what does a poll of his district say? More approve him now than earlier. With voters this stupid, no wonder we elect corruption, and no wonder we're on the skids as a nation.

AUGUSTA NEEDS A mayor like Lewis "Pop" Newman again. He knew how to get stuff done and wasn't afraid to tell it like it is. Augusta needs a strong leader like him again.

THIS IS A RAVE to Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley for signing the new illegal-immigration law. If more states would take note from Alabama and Arizona, maybe our economy wouldn't be in the mess it is today. Every construction site I have seen in the past four years have been manned by Mexicans. My son would go from site to site asking for work but would get turned down ... all the workers were Mexican. I don't begrudge anyone from making a better life for them self, but enough is enough. Let our guys have some of those jobs.

TO THE "GENIUS" on the motorcycle frantically puffing on a cigarette while stopped at the Gate 1 traffic light on Gordon Highway eastbound yesterday. Please take a moment to stomp out your burning butt before taking off on the green light instead of flicking it. Haven't you heard about the wildfires consuming Arizona? We had brush fires here recently on Bobby Jones Expressway ... was that your doing?

I LIVE IN SOUTH Augusta, off Windsor Spring Road (for almost 30 years), and have not smelled anything offensive.

I AM OF THE OPINION that the GreenJackets stadium should stay where it is and some improvements are made to it such as a covered concession area. Find another way to "revitalize" downtown.

I CANNOT BELIEVE they are bringing this stadium issue up again. Isn't the city in the hole and having to cut spending and lay off workers? How much are we going to have to pay for this white elephant on Reynolds Street? Everything the government has built down there has been a complete flop, and so will this.

WOULD SOMEBODY clean up the area of Wrightsboro Road and Bobby Jones Expressway and cut some of the weeds and pull some of the weeds out of the middle of the sidewalks and the medians? Please.

OBAMA'S IDEA TO train people for manufacturing jobs would be great, except for one thing. I believe there will be a catch to it and that is, they'll have to join a union.

OBAMA HAS STOPPED receiving daily economic briefings. And why not? He never understood them anyway.

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