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Weirdo Rep. Weiner claims he "takes full responsibility" for his actions. That lying scam was invented by John F. Kennedy. First you screw up big time. Then you say you "accept full responsibility." Then you accept no punishment, and you don't do one darned thing to fix your screwup, and you hope your guilt gets hidden in your fraudulent words.

Dear Dr. Azziz, Even I (a native Augustan!) know cliches aren't "cool," but I just have to tell you this: "We got along without you before we met you - and Delta's ready when you are!"

A rave to Deputy Sheriff Mike Woodard for finding my pocketbook on Sunday . They got all the money and put my pocketbook in the Dumpster. Deputy Woodard found my pocketbook in less than 45 minutes and I really appreciate what he did and I thank him so much.

Leave the baseball stadium where it is and just make improvements because it'd be cheaper to improve the one that's already there and make repairs to it and don't relocate. Leave it where it already is.

Comcast used to have a channel where they had the weather and other things on, then they took it off. Now they got a light bulb on a couple of channels where it's supposed to give you the temperature and the time. For three or four days the time has been 4 o'clock in the morning and the temperature has been 84. And they have not changed it I know in three or four days. At least they could give us a channel with the time and temperature on it because we're old and we can't get up and run somewhere in another room to find out what time it is.

It's a shame that our police department cannot go after the people who stole the money out of the safe down at the county office, taxpayers' money. But yet, now, they can harass two people who steal pennies from a fountain. Dry fountain at that. Something's wrong with this town. We need a new sheriff in Richmond County. Need a new police department, along with a new mayor, new administrator and possibly a new commission.

This is a rant to all the people that park on the grass at Patriots Park in spite of the signs telling you not to. Come on Columbia County, ticket those arrogant, lazy slobs who think those signs don't apply to them.

I've lived in the vicinity of Windsor Spring Road and Meadowbrook Drive for 35 years now and during that time I have smelled some stinky smells, but nothing like this past week. The best way to describe it is "diarrhea". My nose can tolerate a lot, but this is too extreme.

About the police arresting those two stealing pennies. Crime is crime. Just like sin is sin. They knew they were wrong when they took the pennies. They should have been arrested and the police did a good job taking care of everything else.

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