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Don't the police have anything else to do but arrest two individuals for stealing pennies from the fountain at Surrey Center shopping plaza? Why can't they concentrate their efforts in going after the many real criminals that roam our streets?

What happened to the money missing from the tax office? Why was it hushed up so quickly , and why doesn't the D.A.'s office go after those responsible? This has "inside" all over it.

A rave for the idea to drug test welfare recipients. They should also include people on Section 8. If they refuse, cut them off.

I submitted an editorial about a month ago about the geese on Boy Scout Road by the restaurant and apartments. I asked for the birds to be moved to the river to live with the lone goose that was already there. They get run over every day because people just speed through and don't pay attention. Well , I came through there this morning, and it was the saddest thing I ever saw. A baby goose had been run over, and its mother was on the side of the road, by herself, looking for her baby. ... Please , animal control, take them to the river and stop this.

A special thanks to the customer and the manager at Family Dollar on Central Ave­nue who paid for my groceries and replaced my sun shades that the cashier had mistakenly given to the customer checked out ahead of me. Some day, someone else will be able to return the favors to each of you. God bless both of you.

As a retiree and a person who doesn't believe in political affiliations, I would just like to say one thing to the Re­pub­licans who keep calling So­cial Security and Medicare entitlements. I paid into So­cial Security and I paid into Med­i­care and I'm still paying into Med­icare. So I don't feel like it's an entitlement to me. I paid for it and I'm still paying for it.

Y'all might as well quit complaining about the bad air in south Augusta because it's here to stay. You might as well do what I did and move to Columbia County. It's clean up here.

I read where Richmond County issued over 100 tickets over the Memorial Day weekend. South Carolina could issue 100 in one day on the Aiken-Augusta Highway if they would just do it.

A G-8 conference was held last week, and there were no anarchists looting, protesting and condemning capitalism. What gives?

The big media keeps pushing Romney for GOP p residential nominee because the media knows what a socialist-
disguised-as-conse rvative Rom­ney is. Anybody who could be elected as g overnor in Massachusetts is a proven rabid, nutso left-winger.

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