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People nowadays just expect too much to be paid and provided for their kids. Free meals for both breakfast and lunch. Religious time among the reading/writing/arithmatic and history and foreign language lessons, etc. Sex education. Now someone wants to make it mandatory for driving lessons at schools? We should make it mandatory for parenting lessons to be given to potential parents, including important calculations to cover not only all financial basics of parenthood, but also all the areas of non-school education they are responsible for instilling in all offsprings.


Amen to the Augusta Cares rant. I had a similar situation with a ditch. They sent me a letter also informing me it was completed. It was never touched. I gave up with that bunch, but what an impressive and official looking letterhead!

This country has turned away from God. In God we trust, common sense, and our morals are all but gone, we ignore God's warnings, and say it is global warning. We accept immoral behavior as being normal so it dosen't offend someone and we are paying for this behavior dearly. READ THE BIBLE, PEOPLE.

If you want to express your views here, at least know the difference between a rant and a rave. Rants are generally negative views and a rave is something positive. Thank you.

The front page listed five things to do on Memorial Day. "Prayer" was not listed.

Rant to Augusta Airport. Why didn't you fly the flag at half-staff on Memorial Day? If the flag's too big, change it! Show respect for our fallen.

I read your rant about the swimming hole, Rock Springs. I hadn't heard that name in years. It brought back wonderful memories, since I grew up in the project on Broad Street in the '50s. It was a wonderful place to live in those days. It was a wonderful place, unlike the way it is today.

Kelsey Drive in Brynwood is a disgrace. There are a few residents who take pride in their property, but they are outnumbered by those who don't. It's obvious the city is not going to clean this street up. Also, the used car lot needs to go.

This is for the person who said they would not go back to the Dairy Queen behind Daniel Village because they had their television on Fox news. He really should watch Fox news once in a while to really get the truth and balance of what's going on. I always go to the Dairy Queen when I get my car done at Sunbelt and I'm going back next time, and I'm bringing my friends, so please, Dairy Queen, leave your television on Fox news. I'll be back.

I think our politicians owe it to this country and to the people to show some leadership instead of arguing about their differences. Why not just sit down together and work things out? All this back and forth is doing us no good. I thought our politicians should set the example.


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