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THIS IS A RANT to Oscar Sims, the commander of American Legion Post 178 on the front page of Tuesday's Augusta Chronicle . Of all people, Mr. Sims, don't you know better than to wear our United States flag as a shirt? You know better. Shame on you.

I HAVE A RANT because the restaurant owner, where the young fellow was killed by the policeman, did not call a church or the Salvation Army or somewhere. If he ate nothing but peanuts and water for two weeks, why didn't he call somebody to help? Because the police sure didn't help.

THERE HAS BEEN a horrible fecal stench out here in south Augusta over the past week. I have called everyone I can think of, and still nothing has been done and no one seems to know what I am talking about. We are tired of being the dumping ground out here. No one should have to put up with this kind of stench. It is unbearable.

MY RANT IS to the city of Augusta. When I called to report a strong sewage smell off Windsor Spring Road, I was told that I should just "get used to it" because south Augusta has always smelled bad. What kind of answer is that? No one should have to get used to this. It is nauseating to go outside or open the window, and if there is a sewage leak, the city should be more concerned about it.

THIS IS A BIG rave for the Harrisburgers, and especially Lori Davis and Butch Palmer, who organized the Harrisburg Mill Village reception at The Ezekiel Harris House the other day. What a fantastic event and turnout, and the new Harrisburg logo looks great. I am so excited about all of the positive things happening in the 'Burg.

THIS IS A RANT ... if people want to ride bicycles on the highway, let them buy insurance, tags, get a special license, have turn signals, brake lights ... then they could ride on the interstate highway. Wouldn't that be great? Oh yes, and be subject to fines for running stop signs and red lights and not using turn signals.

THIS IS BIG RANT for the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau for promoting the sinful gay parade in a recent article in The Chronicle . The CVB also left south Augusta out of its restaurants listings on its recent brochure. But then, those of us on the south side are used to being snubbed. None of our tax dollars should go toward promoting the homosexual lifestyle, period.

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