Community delivers for postal food drive

The Augusta area gave more than 100,000 pounds of food this year as part of a May 14  Donate Food to Your Postman  drive, according to Golden Harvest Food Bank.


The organization’s associate director, Barry Forde , said it looked like  Saturday’s drive was going to be a little slow, but a late push during the week helped Golden Harvest  surpass last year’s haul of 98,000 pounds.

 Forde said the successful drive continues an impressive year for Golden Harvest, which is on pace to receive about 14.3 million pounds, compared with 12.8 million in 2010.

He said need is up and all the new food will be a big boost for the summer, which is the busiest time of year because many kids no longer get 

food during school.

Jones estimated around 65 volunteers were at the post office to collect food last Saturday, and many more are helping this week to check the quality of food – mostly canned goods – and sort it before it’s sent out to Golden Harvest’s partner agencies for distribution.