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The people of the area ought to thank God we don't live close to the Mississippi River. God help those people.

This is a rant for the Richmond County yard waste pickup, and, well, the whole recycle the whole garbage, everybody. Those guys pick up what they feel like picking up. They put the recycle in the garbage truck. I've called. They said, "Oh yeah, well, we'll talk to their supervisor." Well what good does that do? My garbage man laughs at me about recycle. He says, "Oh yeah, I just back in next to the garbage truck and dump it." Well, why? Why doesn't somebody in Augusta wake up?

To the person who slammed my pretty black Lexus with your car door Wednesday evening between 5:45 and 6:45 at the Evans Rhinehart's. Karma has a way of getting her revenge. Just so you know, I grew up in a national forest with no running water and a wood-burning stove for heat. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I worked and put myself through college at night and I worked for everything I have. I hope you feel like the mongrel you are.

This is a rant about the speeding and the problems on Highway 56 and having the police blanket that area. Actually, the area is not just confined to Highway 56. If Richmond County and their deputies want to really make an impact, they could make cases all over the county, especially down the Bobby Jones Raceway.

This is in regard to the article in yesterday's paper: Columbia County Board of Education raising taxes. If they would eliminate the fat over on the Hereford Farm office and in the schools, such as principals. You do not need five or six principals in each school. You do not need the overstaff they've got . It's time they clean out the top ones first before cutting the teachers and the other employees. Why not cut those who are already being paid way too much money? We the taxpayers will stand up and fight for our taxes not to be raised.

I am sure that you will not hear this question asked by the media during the next campaign. Ask yourself the next time you are at the pump putting in $60 to fill up your four-cylinder Toyota. Ask yourself the next time you at the grocery paying $133 for what cost $100 in 2007. Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Why do reporters ask such stupid questions? What felon is going to admit on local news that he killed somebody?

This is a rave to the person who made a rant in the newspaper against New York. They said, "I see they think New York thinks that they're entitled to the bounty on Osama bin Laden. They've already been paid some money. Why don't we take that money and give it to the military families and the underpaid military." I totally agree with that. The money should go to the military and their families.

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