Rants & raves

Comments from our readers:

Thank God that 13 years from now, when the cicada bugs return, I will be 74 and probably deaf.

A “wire report” says that “ the CIA is allowing members (of Congress) … to see the (bin Laden) photos …” Allowing? The CIA works for Congress – and not the other way around.

No plea bargains, please, if the four pitiless perps are convicted for needlessly slaying Mr. Luckey. What evil, cowardly sons of the Devil! If convicted, the only bargaining they should be allowed is to choose which arm the needle goes in.

Pakistan and their leaders were playing both sides of the fence. Stop sending money over there. Stop supporting them. They were using us and the other side. I mean, come on, how many million dollar complexes are there in Pakistan? If they didn’t know he was there I’ll jump off the Empire State Building.

Why does every high school in Richmond County need a $3 million football stadium and a million dollar field house? For that much money they could build one and everybody could share it.

All Augusta commission meetings should be taped to be used  for  a regular episode on Saturday Night Live.

This rave is for the wonderful person who found my credit card at the Kroger gas pump on Wrightsboro Road and took it all the way to my credit union in Evans before I even knew it was missing. Thank you so much. God bless you.

Last Friday ,  I took three grandchildren to the Augusta Green Jackets game. Cost $22 to enter the game (kids are 8, 6 and 1). I made a mistake and bought two hot dogs, one Diet Coke, one bottled water, one order of nacho chips and three ice cream cups – total $32 – Major League prices for Minor League games. It won’t happen again.

School lunch prices will go up. We used to carry our own lunches to school. We ate better; and we learned more.

Cost Saving rave:   To help control expenses,  I’ve  decided to stop funding all political parties and their  fundraisers.   Gonna save me a lot of money.   Hopefully enough to pay for the high price of gas.

A RAVE to Pastor Larry at West Acres Baptist Church. His weekly phone devotionals are very uplifting.

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