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RAVES TO THE RICHMOND County Sheriff's Office. At last you have hit Georgia Highway 56 with full force. Dish those tickets out to people who think it's a speedway. Those folks wouldn't have to be in such a rush if they would get up and leave a few minutes earlier. That's what I do.

THIS IS A RANT to FEMA for trying to (collect) money it sent out in error to disaster victims. Isn't there a statute of limitations for the citizens?

I WAS SURPRISED to read in the paper this morning that only 16 percent of Richmond County students pay full price for lunch. That means 84 percent get reduced price or (don't) pay anything. The unemployment in Richmond County is only 10 percent. It appears to be a whole lot of freeloaders getting lunches for their kids free.

WE LIVE IN EVANS, and I wonder why we're not getting our mail until 4:30-5 o'clock in the afternoon. It is too hot then for the old people, especially the old crippled people, to walk down to the mailbox to get their mail. And it's not safe to leave it overnight.

I READ IN THE PAPER this morning where we pay 41 cents on the dollar that we borrow from China. Why don't we borrow from our millionaires in the United States and pay them back 15 to 20 cents on the dollar? That would save us a lot of money, and the millionaires in the U.S. could make a few more bucks and invest it into our economy.

SOME PEOPLE ARE enjoying the singing of the cicada bugs; some people are not. I'm one of the latter. I walk outside and it sounds like a great big hum. Thank goodness they'll be going back to sleep pretty soon for another 13 years.

THOSE WHO BELIEVE that abortion laws "specifically target women" should remember that half of the (fetuses) killed by abortion are female.

THIS IS A RANT for New York. I see they think they're entitled to the bounty on Osama bin Laden. They've already been paid some money. Why don't we take that money and give it to our underpaid military and their families? They're the ones who really deserve it.

THE NATIONAL EPISCOPAL Church is taking Christ Church, a Savannah congregation, to court claiming the national outfit owns the local church's property. Since the national group has busted the rule book -- the Bible -- to pieces by not only recognizing what God calls abominations and even making an abomination a bishop, the rule breakers haven't played by the rules, so the locals are right on both counts. If a court is sinful enough to rule otherwise, the locals must just never go back to that nonchurch and never give it another nickel. It's already stolen too much. Let it own an empty building.

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