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Thank you to the person(s) who paid for our dinner last night at the Boll Weevil. As RCBOE employees, it was a great surprise when we were told that our bill was paid.

A big rave to the VA Medical Center for first-class care for America's veterans; your efforts are very much appreciated by this Navy veteran.

This is a Rave for Jim Herring and his property in Sand Hills. As a property owner, it has to be frustrating to be broken into and deal with apathetic, and often absent, homeowners. It has plagued my community for years. One person trying to create change can't do it alone. Partnership is key, in addition to becoming involved in the neighborhood.

It's certainly sad to see incorrect English grammar in print. And that includes, "Too bad he or she did not listen ... and improve their English grammar."

Raves and more raves for Andrew Buckner. Cross Creek High School. I wish you well and I know you will go far. Never missed a day of school from kindergarten through high school. Want to be a lawyer, you have the dedication for it takes to be the best. For the last four years at CCHS, I have watched you grow into a mature and responsible young man. I am very proud to know you.

RAVES to Georgia Power! They showed up ASAP after a squirrel caused a transformer outage. Mr. Harper fixed it, told me why it went out, and proved an extreme gentleman.

Let me get this straight. Obama and his henchmen do not want anyone waterboarded to get information because it's cruel and might incite violence from the radical Muslims. However, it's OK to kill four or five civilians, shoot a woman in the leg and throw a body into the sea? I guess that won't incite violence and is not cruel?

This is A RAVE for the men and women of the U.S. Armed forces. I did a little math the other day, and it appears that the combined number of U.S. military killed in Iraq and Afghanistan is currently at 6,943. I, for one, am very appreciative for the sacrifices made by our military. Freedom is not free!

This rave is for the cicadas: Would much rather listen to their "hum " than hear the horrible, grating sounds of humanity - you know, sounds like the insipid boom boom boom of car stereos, the grating squeal of crotch-rockets going down the road at 90 mph, idiots yapping on cellphones day and night nonstop, the wail of sirens constantly going up and down Columbia/Belair roads, the sounds of industrial-size leaf blowers being used by people too lazy to sweep or rake. ... Noise from Mother Nature is most welcome here.

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