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WONDER IF OSAMA bin Laden will replace Elvis as the most frequently spotted dead guy in history?

THE APACHES NEED to take a break. The use of "Geronimo" is a compliment to them since it was used by U.S. military groups to signal it's time to attack; thus it's a positive word. Also, while there was a famous Apache named Geronimo, the name is not Apache; it's Spanish. And the Spanish aren't getting upset.

WHY DOES RICHMOND County continue to pay $75,000 per year per school to have the program known as America's Choice? We do not get anything from America's Choice except two or three visitations by a representative per year. We are not given textbooks, reading books, plans, helpful aids, Web sites, forms, or interventions. Let's get rid of it and use the Pearson Reading program that we already have. This program was purchased several years ago, and it provides us with all the standards and assessments that are required at no additional cost per year.

WHEN A TEACHER at Freedom Park gets up at 5 a.m .and waits in a traffic line for over two hours to enter Fort Gordon, she does not need for her principal to berate her and ask why she is late. These dedicated teachers are all arriving early and attempting to get on post, but the lines for screening each car are very long and not all teachers are able to get to school on time. The substitutes just look at the lines and turn around and head back home. Where would this principal be if her teachers all just decided to stay home?

THE LEFT WANTS THE Bin Laden photos kept from publication to prevent insulting folks. The right and many Muslims want photographic evidence the terrorist icon is indeed dead ... Meanwhile, folks in the middle are stuck with high gas prices, high food prices, an unsustainable federal debt, high unemployment, higher taxes on the horizon, cutbacks in services to include police, teacher and firefighters, higher costs for medical benefits, the pending possibility of a double-dip recession, and the immigration just can't work its way to the political front burner. Instead of solving problems seems like Washington just creates more problems for the public to deal with.

THIS IS A RAVE for all Richmond County school bus drivers who have almost completed another safe driving school year. In spite of all the shortages of drivers and adversity mentally they have to face every day. It's a rant, also, for the director of transportation. I've never once read anything positive he's had to say about his drivers during this time of shortages and the problems they were having with the system.

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