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What sad ignorance can produce a ranter who writes, "I don't mind higher taxes on gas as long as it's spent wisely." When's the last time a tax dollar was "spent wisely?" The single day after World War II ended -- maybe.

Dick Harpootlian says Gov. Nikki Haley will get not one good night's sleep "for the next 18 months." Is that some kind of threat? What's Harpootlian got against Haley, other than Haley is not a socialist?

Bravo to Mr. Armstrong for his proposals to improve the currently neglected section of Sand Hills. I surely hope that someone can come along and work on some of those now unused houses to convert them into apartments for students. And if those businesses near there at the end of Fleming Avenue can be converted and used by other businesses, I can foresee business not only by ASU students, but perhaps from the people who use the Sand Hills Community Center for events.

I feel like singing my Rave and shouting "BRAVO" to the Augusta Players for yet another outstanding show. This past weekend's production of Hairspray was non-stop entertainment. Our family is always impressed with the talented volunteer performers from Augusta and surrounding communities who rehearse for countless hours to bring Broadway level entertainment to Augusta. If you haven't yet seen a musical put on by the Augusta Players you are missing out!

Why do you and The Associated Press and all the news media in this area and this country allow them British snobs to be shoved down our throats like that's something we want to see and hear about? There's nothing special about them. They are nothing special to us no more. We're not owned by Britain. We fought for our independence and got it in two wars against them.

When in the world are the police going to start enforcing turn signals and bumper huggers? These tailgaters will kill you. Please, cops, enforce the law. Do your job.

The federal government is now mailing out tax refund checks along with an insert claiming government is your best advisor for making personal investments. "become a smarter investor." "Free investor toolkit." (available in Spanish, for Americans?) The smartest investor will avoid ALL "advice" from government; and nothing is "free."

Bin Laden's death may be true, but it may not be. There are too many unanswered questions to believe Obama's story so far. For all we know, bin Laden was dead a year ago and Obama needed something to prop him up now, so he released it now. Question: why did they immediately haul the body to sea for a burial at sea and then plop it into the water, yet not one single photograph showing it's bin Laden? Something still isn't fitting together here.

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