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ONE CRISIS AFTER another hits Washington, and where are the so-called "leaders"? They're in California, in Europe, in anywhere but Washington while things continue to wash down the drain.

GOOD IDEAS FROM Mr. Duff, who wants to "cut all government programs" and "not vote for any candidate" who won't balance the budget. He errs, however, in wanting a 1 percent national sales tax. That's just a new way for government to steal people's money, and it would replace the money government is already pouring out windows. Better is to cut all programs by 50 percent, for starters, and add no new taxes ever. Without drastic and courageous action from politicians, freedom goes out that same window.

A HUGE RAVE to all the folks who supported the Children's Medical Network T-shirt sale in front of Wal-Mart at Bobby Jones Expressway this past Sunday.

IF IT SAVES the taxpayers money and it provides business, jobs and income for the local area, do business with the commissioners. That's why they're here. They know more about what's needed and should be done in this area than out-of-town or out-of-the-area people.

I BET THERE would be many guys who would work for the Utilities Department instead of rehiring convicted felons. Smoke pot, then go to pot.

TO THE PERSON wanting to know how some welfare and food stamp recipients buy the illegal drugs they use: They sell their food stamps for half the value. I see it every day. Of course, the government knows this and does nothing to stop it.

THIS IS A RAVE for the anonymous individual who paid for the lunches for all of the uniformed personnel at the Red Robin in Evans on April 21. The entire Fort Gordon JAG office was having a farewell luncheon, and when the time came to pay for our checks, we were told someone had already paid. Considering there were over 20 of us, that is not a small check! Thank you so much!

THIS IS A RAVE for the woman who got out of her car on Wrightsboro Road in the pouring rain to rescue a turtle that was in the middle of the road. Way to look out!

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