GHSU celebrates Earth Day by educating public

Driving along Laney-Walker Boulevard on Friday, the Wright family, of Hephzibah, happened on the inaugural Earth Day event at Georgia Health Sciences University.


It turned out to be a learning adventure -- one that left the children bubbling over with new knowledge.

"The worms eat paper and food and they poop out dirt," said Kajel, 7.

"And the honey bees feed their child pollen, and the girl bees do all the work," chimed in Tyler, 11.

"And lotion that has coconut oil helps people with eczema, and I have eczema," added their brother, Kevon, 7.

Chris O'Meara, an organizer of the event, said its purpose was to teach green activities and protect the environment.

While visiting the earthworm exhibit by Community Gardens, Asher, 6, declared the worms "nasty," and said he preferred them dead. The youngest of the Wright brothers changed his mind, however, when he learned that worms are instrumental in making soil suitable for growing strawberries, watermelons and cantaloupes.

"It got them motivated," said Star Brown, the Wrights' caregiver. "They are already talking about how they want to start recycling."

Vendors at the event included Friends of Pendleton King Park, Sasserfrass Hill Bees, The Green Way Store, Savannah Riverkeeper and Bob Kogel vegetable oil vehicles.

The Augusta Rowing Club's Kay Fletcher said she was a little confused when first asked to set up a tent at the event.

"We're not really a part of any conservation effort," she said. "But then I realized we benefit from conservation. Plus, we clean as we go. So I was encouraging others to enjoy our local resources."

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