Doughnut shop photos yanked, TMZ says

A representative of golfer Phil Mickelson threatened legal action against Krispy Kreme if photos were not removed, TMZ reported.

The celebrity gossip Web site TMZ reported that a representative for golfer Phil Mickelson visited an Augusta doughnut shop last week and ordered it to remove pictures of the 2010 Masters champion hanging inside.


Last year, Mickelson was photographed from the drive-through of Krispy Kreme on Washington Road purchasing doughnuts for his children a day after winning the tournament. Still sporting his green jacket, Mickelson smiled for a photo shot by a store manager.

According to TMZ, which said it got its information from "our doughnut sources," an associate of Mickelson threatened legal action if the shop did not remove a display of the photo.

The shop removed the display, the Web site reported.

The store's manager and photographer in question, Greg Carswell, told The Augusta Chronicle on Wednesday morning that all calls would have to be directed to the store's owner, Frank Guthrie, who in turn directed calls to Krispy Kreme officials.

An e-mail sent to Mickelson's representative, T.R. Reinman, seeking a comment was not returned by Wednesday afternoon.

Last year, employees at the shop were elated to see the champion stop in. Angel Burley told a Chronicle reporter that she knew a golfer was coming through by the player's pass on the windshield.

"When I opened the window, I see the green jacket," Burley said. "I said: 'You won yesterday,' and he started smiling and said, 'Yeah.' "

Mickelson ordered a dozen each of glazed, chocolate and mixed doughnuts, she said. Burley said she and her co-workers snapped photos of the Masters Tournament champion before handing over his order.