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ANOTHER COUPLE , my husband and I were in a local restaurant last Friday night. A young man ...a asked if our husbands were and had been in the military. They answered with my husband telling him he had been in Vietnam, Korea and all over Europe and USA in and after World War II. He told us how much he appreciated what they had done for our country. After he left our waiter told us he had paid for all our food. Thanks to this man and all the praise we give for some people still appreciate the veterans.

THIS IS A RANT for the golf week "renter" who lives in our neighborhood this one week each year. Listen up! It is juvenile for you to steal our "just delivered" Chronicle as you are driving away to Augusta National each morning. ... Most of the golf fans are pleasant people whom we enjoy meeting this time each year. You are the rare and unpleasant exception.

IF GEORGIA POWER can't handle getting people's power back on after a bad thunderstorm and tornado, why don't they call in crews from other counties like they do in an ice storm?

Shame on the Richmond County Board of Education for letting such a sorry excuse for a teacher and human being keep her job. She already had a disgraceful record yet she continued to teach even with all the allegations against her.

SHAME ON ALL who abuse, mistreat and neglect animals. The same, but worse, should be done to you.

TO THE PERSON who found my black purse in the grocery cart at Publix the other day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ... it solidifies my trust in people. I wish I could have thanked you in person. God Bless You.

THIS IS A BIG RAVE for Brittany Horne who was featured in an article in Sunday's paper (April 3). She is getting educated now for her future employment and as she says: "If I wanted to accept welfare checks, I could be at home every day with my 2-year-old daughter." She knows now that she is capable of something more than just "taking." Kudos to you Brittany, and the best of luck on your career goals.

THE EDUCATION system does not teach students how to perform in the job market. They're not teaching anything about job skills in the schools. They're teaching basic reading and writing skills, but that's not the reason they go to school. The reason they go to school is so they can go out and get a job. They're sorely lacking and that's why the schools are failing because the students don't know why they take school. So I suggest they might need to change that to make it more job orientated.

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