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ONE OF THE MOST beautiful areas in Augusta is Westover Cemetery, which is maintained by David Collicutt, has been with Westover for 28 years and continues to have that one of the most beautiful areas during the Masters Tournament. Hats off to David.

IF THE RICHMOND County School Board really wants to know about the state of education locally, each board member should choose a school and grade in which to substitute for one day. By the end of that day, every board member would have numerous ideas for improvements, changes, and attention to critical areas. OK, they wouldn't survive a full day. So how about only half a day? You get the idea. Take off the suits and leave your name tags at home and come out and just observe your schools without making your presence known. Just watch and listen.

I WOULD LIKE to know where the Columbia County Board of Education found the money to build a $4 million athletic complex. All I have been reading is how they need to cut everything. I guess sports is more important then a education. Get Nagle out of there.

WHY NOT A NEW foreign policy? Bring all of our troops home and invade Mexico and Canada. It would solve our oil problems, make illegal immigration not an issue, and give us an endless supply of cheap labor to compete with China. We could divide them up into seven more states, so Obama could be correct about the 57 states he thought made up the U.S.

IT'S TOO BAD ignorant people who can't come up with concrete negative things to say about our president keep resorting to constant lies and the repetition of the lies about his birth certificate and citizenship. At least President Obama managed to help a foreign country without dumping hundreds of thousands of our ground troops into another years-weary battle like Bush did in getting us into Iraq and Afghanistan. All that without proper preparation of troop battle gear, adequately armored tanks, etc. And Cheney's Halliburton got to ring up the cash registers with no bidding permitted for the work they claimed they could do, even after years. Bush and his oil greedy cronies also got to gouge us with higher gas prices as well.

TEACHERS ARE supposed to take unpaid days off because of the budget crisis yet they are supposed to make up 16 hours because of snow days. Now does that make sense? Are our children being uneducated because the school system doesn't know how to swap snow days for unpaid days off they must take because of the budget crisis?

TO THE PERSON ranting about the proud looking boy with the pitiful looking turkey he killed, what do you eat on Thanksgiving? Pitiful looking hog or pitiful looking cow or fish, etc.

HMMM, I'M NEW in town, but it seems like the police enforcing a private enterprise business model is wrong. Do they go after craigslist and stubhub for reselling tickets for other sporting events?

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