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IS IT JUST ME or are there more scalpers up and down Washington Road than ever before? Very unattractive looking.

A RAVE TO THE young people cleaning the garbage out of the Rae's Creek pond on West Lake Forest Drive Saturday. It looks so much nicer. Thank you. It was noticed and appreciated by a frequent traveler in the area!

THE SHOW Dancing With the Stars would be more aptly named were it titled: Dancing With a Bunch of Has-Beens, Many of Whom the Public Never Before Heard of or Recognize . Golly, the producers of this silly show must be scraping the bottom of the Hollywood unemployment line for their lineup.

TODAY'S -- Sunday's -- Augusta Chronicle was the best coverage I have ever read of the National for the first day of the (Masters) because for the first time in many, many years it wasn't all about Tiger Woods. Thank you for realizing there's more golfers that come to Augusta National than just Tiger Woods.

SPRINGTIME IS VERY pretty in Aiken, S.C., and I'm glad the Masters is here.

I STUDIED THE great philosophers' works, I've read the great works of literature (prose and poetry), and I've pursued the writings of the world's religions. Only One offered me peace, rest, and Life.

GOODWILL INDUSTRIES gets some of its money from federal "programs." The head man says, "You don't cut funding just because it's being misused." You do if you've got a brain. "Misused" sounds like a euphemism for corruption.

WHAT KIND OF insane "law" keeps the spending of tax money hidden from the people who pay the taxes? And what kind of elected officials, e.g., Rep. Hank Huckaby, have the gall to say when a public worker retires, after that his retirement income is his private financial info. Balony! If it's paid for by taxpayers, it's the taxpayers' business. Why hide it, unless there's a sinister reason?

THANK GOODNESS for Commissioner Alvin Mason and other right-thinking leaders for noting what I did months ago: If high school students can cross the same street every day without problems, what is the matter with the MCG students that some can't? I see they now have crossing guards at some areas so MCG should consider crossing guards for the other areas that their adult students have problems with.

I REALLY APPRECIATE all the savings from the news that LaTina Emerson puts out. Kudos to the lady for her work on ferreting out the information.

A HUGE RAVE for Rick Keuroglian and Adam Hoover for their roles in bringing civility to and raising the quality of living in Olde Town. I wish them much success.

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