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Comments from our readers:


OUR CITY IS absolutely beautiful in the spring. Take a drive and see God's work in color.

LABOR KEEPS screaming about "workers' rights." Workers have the same rights as everybody else in America. That means if they don't like their job, they have the right to resign.

THE U.S. GOVERNMENT is over a full trillion dollars in the hole, just on one year's budget, yet both big parties pretend to be having a knock-down, drag-out fight. They have now worked their phony "fight" down to a measly $33 billion. What's $33 billion as compared to a trillion? Peanuts, yet they insist on doing nothing about the real problem, all of which was set up by both parties and all the presidents over several decades.

A BIG RAVE for Dana of the Augusta Regional Airport marshal's office. When I flew out of ARA last week, somehow I had left my purse behind. Dana tracked me down within a few hours and told me they had secured my purse with all its contents for me to pick up upon my return. Thank you, Dana. Job well done.

THIS IS A BIG RAVE for the DOT officer that had that big rig pulled over on 56 this morning. Good job. I'd like to see you pull a few more of them speeding trucks over.

THEY NEED TO bring back the draft. It would take the young men off the street and give them a job. They could learn a trade, pay taxes and contribute to the economy. Right now they're out there doing nothing and living with granny.

A RANT AGAINST the Richmond County School System for expecting teachers to make up the two snow days in January. Why is it that teachers work late on most afternoons and still take home papers to grade, lesson plans to complete and parent phone calls to make? Not to mention countless weekends spent working on lesson plans or records or other special school projects. Shame on a miserly system with so many unnecessary people at the county office that they are tripping all over each other!

A RANTER WRITES "he/she," "his/her," and "he/she" again all in one sentence. Is that what modern schools are teaching and calling clear English grammar?

THIS IS A RAVE for Sheriff Strength for the additional Harrisburg deputy presence and for the community-based policing. Harrisburg is so much better now. We appreciate you!

NOW LAWMAKERS WANT to raise the age from 65 to 67 to be eligible for Medicare. This matter probably does not concern them because they do not have to worry about health care. Seems more and more is taken away from the hard working, middle class man. Seems it gets worse each day for people to scrape by to just exist.

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