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Since when is it all right for preachers on television to be selling antibiotic drinks and pills of all kinds? Some of them are selling two or three different kinds of pills. And in between the pill selling, they're worshipping God. That don't seem to be right.

I think it would be great to have Donald Trump as president. He's a good businessman. Right now we're getting the business.

A big rave for all police officers if they get to drive a police car to and from work. That is good. If it takes 30 minutes to get to work and 30 minutes to get back home, that is one hour of free patrolling. If an emergency came in while they were going to and from work, they would take it. Seventy percent of policing is just being seen on the road and observed by the public. It prevents a lot of people from speeding and from doing crimes they would've went ahead and done. Take it from an old MP and a retired deputy of 32 years.

Too many young people are dying in the Augusta area. I have friends from out of town that are amazed at the amount of youthful deaths in this community. There is a serious problem of prescription drug abuse across the country and especially in Augusta. This is a plea to physicians in the area to be conservative in the writing of prescription pain medications. There is a problem when young people can go "doctor shopping" to get the drugs that they want.

The other week, I read in the paper about the arrests of gang members and the large assortment of guns that were taken off the street, and I was so thrilled. Our sheriff's office is doing a remarkable job, however, on the back page where the article continued, there was a HUGE advertisement for a gun show being held in the area. Just wondering what kind of message this was sending out.

Lately, flying in and out of Augusta has become quite frequent. I find the building, airport personnel, TSA personnel and agents for all airlines very helpful. I like the ease of traveling in and out of Augusta very much. Now the rant: The building is nice, the parking is difficult but adequate and the bathrooms are AWFUL - unclean, dirty floors, trash not emptied and in need of fresh painting. I wonder if this will be taken care of by the first day of the Masters?

Earlier today while I was out getting lunch , the guy in front of me yelled and screamed at the cashier and even cussed her out, all because the place she works at charges 15 cents for extra sauce and he didn't want to pay it. People FYI: The cashier taking your order has NOTHING to do with the prices set by the company they are working for!

The Richmond Count y School System employees are making up our two snow days: which we should. But we cannot make up any time unless we are supervised. What I want to know is who is going to supervise the supervisors? The lack of trust and professional courtesy extended to RCSS employees is the major factor in the low employee morale in the system.


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