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WISCONSIN NOT ONLY needs a man with guts. They need a man with brains, also.

I'M CALLING IN concerning the former federal judge in Atlanta, Jack T. Kemp, who pleaded guilty to drug charges. Only got 30 days in prison. To me, that's a slap on the wrist because he was involved also with a stripper. Married man with two elder children. I would sentence him to five years at least. It's a waste of time for all that.

I'M 53 YEARS OLD, and there's always been wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, storms, drought, pestilence, plagues, ever since I've been alive. So much for that theory.

RANT TO OBAMA and the Democrats for putting the brakes on nuclear development. They want to end our use of fossil fuels, coal and now nuclear. What are we to do? If we could harness all the hot air in Washington, we would be set for years of living green.

HEADLINE FROM an online column: "Records request issues persist ... City lawyers still provide hefty bill." We've reached the point where government works to hide as much of its actions as it can get away with. Thus, excluding info about innocents, is it not sensible to assume any info a government refuses to publish, or stalls on, contains something that will tend to show that government is involved in some kind of corruption? Otherwise, why do they hide stuff from those they "serve"?

THE U.S. NAVY , under commander-in-chief Obama, sent some ships to help Japan and sent them downwind of the problem nuclear reactor. Finally, somebody woke up and moved the ships out of the path of any radiation that might leak from those reactors. Why did Obama send them downwind to start with?

PLEASE PUT SPEED bumps on McDowell Street between Milledge and Monte Sano. We need them so much.

THIS IS A RANT for Richmond County. Instead of building a pond out there at the old Regency Mall, with all these shootings on Tubman Road and all these robberies on Gordon Highway, why don't you just build a prison out there and then you wouldn't have to transport them as far? That makes more sense than a pond. All they're going to do with that is throw garbage in it or dead bodies or used needles.

THIS IS ABOUT the bicycles. Think about this. The highways were not built for bicycles. They were not built for airplanes. They were not built for boats. If so, why not let the airplanes on the highway, and let the boats on the highway and everything else that comes along? I am definitely tired of this bicycle situation. I'm not completely against it, but the bicyclists should have more common sense.

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