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WARS, RUMORS OF WARS, earthquakes, heart failures, massive storms, drought, pestilence, plagues ... hum looks like something really big is about to happen. Get ready.

THIS IS A RAVE to our Richmond County commissioners. I'm looking at the population results here and 10 years we have gained 815 new people in Richmond County. Keep up the good work, commissioners. You're making this county so attractive.

HAVE YOU EVER noticed when the local politicians start getting old and worn out, they always appoint them to a state board? Think about it.

WISCONSIN HAS FOUND a man with guts. I pray there are more like him.

IN RESPONSE to the ranter who wants someone to explain what Dayton Sherrouse does to earn his salary with Augusta Canal Authority, does the ranter think the Canal's Interpretive Center at Enterprise Mill, the Petersburg tour boats, the multi-use canal trail, the pedestrian bridge and stairs to the river at Savannah Rapids Park, the restored lock and headgate buildings just happened by magic? Or what about the Canal Authority's purchase of Sibley Mill and King Mill?

THIS IS A RANT to the Augusta Traffic and Engineering. Maybe we would be able to conserve our almost $4 per gallon gasoline if the stop lights in Augusta were synced! The new section of St. Sebastian Way is the worst! In a not even one mile span you get stopped at every red light, one turns green, the very next one you get to turns red! Ridiculous!

IT'S GOOD TO SEE kids being taught how to count. Alas, counting on your fingers puts you in deep trouble once you get to the number eleven. We old folks were taught to count and warned to never count on our fingers.

NEWT GINGRICH ended his chances to become president by claiming that his "passionate hard work for his country" made him run around on his second wife. Does your hard work make you sin? But he doesn't call it sin. He calls sins "things ... that were not appropriate." Right now, he's a "former Lutheran and Baptist." Will he be a "former" something else next year?

"THE U.S. DEPARTMENT of Energy's scramble to spend SRS's $1.6 billion ... passed the $1 billion mark ..." The federal government, i.e., American taxpayers, are broke; so the federal government is "SCRAMBLING" to SPEND MORE! It's hard to tell your own D.C. reps. and senators they're nuts, but somebody's gotta tell 'em. The inmates really have taken over the insane asylum.

RAVE TO OBAMA and the energy czar for not drilling for domestic oil. Abundant oil would mean low gas prices, which means that we would not try to find alternate means of energy. When it really hurts at the pump, we'll get serious about going green.

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