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Rant, request, whatever you want to call it. Please stop allowing people to comment on the articles published on The Chronicle's Web site. Most don't have a clue as to the hurt they might cause someone. People are quick to judge and are just downright insensitive. Some things are better left unsaid, readers.

This is a rant for the folks who live in Summerville. You are all a bunch of snobs! What is the problem with a day care at a church, for heaven's sake? Some of us folks have to work for a living and need to be able to leave our precious children in good hands.

If you think the school buses being late in Richmond County are bad, try living in Edgefield County, where sometimes they don't even come at all.

There was a piece in the paper on Monday about the price of gas and why it was so high. It was all a bunch of lies. The price is so high because of nothing but greed. That coupled with the fact that this Earth is being readied by God to send the Antichrist. Listen real close; you'll hear the sixth trumpet sounding.

I identify with the shopper who took time to correct the purchase at the register. Very often, items are priced different in the system from the shelf price or even sale prices. Even though most items are scanned, a human has to program the information into the system. We are all subject to error. Therefore, all errors are subject to correction. Take time to watch the monitor as items are scanned, for everyone's benefit. Don't hesitate to make sure that your dollars are not being wasted.

Georgia State University students are shown shouting and disrupting the Georgia Senate because the students truly believe they are entitled to free college money. The state should immediately cut those students' money off and kick them out of Georgia State. Anything less is abject failure of the politicians. Alas, abject failure of politicians is today's norm.

Cut taxes for the rich and cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for the poor. And call it shared sacrifice.

There are a lot of people who still want to secede from nation around this town.

A rant to the Wisconsin teachers who forced the schools to close. Do they not care that the free breakfast and lunch are all that some children get every day, and that they rely on the security and stability of the school day to survive? So much for "we don't teach for the money, it's all about the children."

If the president and the other Democrats really wanted America to be energy independent they would drill here and drill now.

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