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TWO PRIGGISH MORONS who recently ranted about driving no faster than the limit in the passing lane show the reason for tailgating. These speed-limit nuts should be publicly flogged and their vehicles confiscated and given to the poor. If you can't drive it, park it. If you can't park it, walk.

THE HOPE SCHOLARSHIP program is typical of government at work. It was supposed to pay its own way with winnings from its gambling. But politicians started "giving" away more than they took in -- sound familiar?! Now Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams wants it to have a "loan" program for students who don't meet the GPA requirements. Wasn't the original idea to reward students who did meet that average? She just wants to tax Georgians and then hand over the money to kids who failed to meet the standards. Wake that poor woman up to the fact that socialism has never worked.

A RAVE FOR THE courteous and caring staff at St. Francis Animal Hospital. We had a 4-week-old puppy with a trauma injury and had no local vet available during the evening hours. We drove into Augusta from Thomson, and the staff at St. Francis took care of our precious puppy and went above and beyond to make sure that we were informed of his condition and that he was getting the best possible care.

COLUMBIA COUNTY BOARD of Education, how do you people sleep at night for what you are doing to those poor people? There has to be another way to work this problem out without messing over these custodians in the county.

MY VERY SERIOUS fifth-grader came home from her elementary school in Columbia County today, saying it was crazy hair day. They took an important writing test and she was extremely distracted by all the commotion. I hope her test score is not affected by such nonsense.

LET ME SEE IF I GET this right: Record high temperatures prove global warming while record low temperatures do not disprove global warming. Yep, that makes a lot of sense.

DOES ANYONE KNOW who won the "Battle of Aiken" this year?

MY PROBLEM IS NOT fog lights. It's the blueish headlights. They are blinding. Much brighter than high beams. How can they be legal? Law enforcement, please do something about it.

IT'S GOING ON 6:30, time for the evening news and not one of the three networks, ABC, NBC and CBS, had the top story that our soldiers were killed in Germany. That should've been the top story. CNN on the radio had it as the top story. Our soldiers were killed over there today and some were critically injured. This is a terrorist act and it should be a top story. We don't even care about our soldiers like we should. I turned back and forth and none of them had it as a top story at all. I think it's a shame that we don't care about our soldiers at all.

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