Wreck delays bicycle adventure

Traveling on a motorized bike from Alaska to Argentina carries all kinds of inherent dangers, from paramilitary forces in Colombia to Mexican bandits.


But Will Adams has always been more concerned about other drivers.

"You can't talk your way out of wreck," he said Tuesday.

His worst fears came true last week when he collided with a car that pulled out in front of him on Jackson Road. He was able to tuck and roll at the last minute over the hood of the car, but he tore a ligament in his knee and suffered some nasty cuts and scratches.

The bike, which was going about 30 mph at the time, was also smashed in the wreck.

The trip is in limbo for now until Adams' doctor decides in two weeks whether surgery will be needed to fix his knee.

"Everything depends on how it heals," Adams said.

The trip started last year when Adams was tinkering on a motorized bicycle, which averages between 150 and 200 miles to the gallon. He decided to plan a long-range trip as a fundraiser for Water for Life, a nonprofit group in Hawaii that provides clean drinking water to third-world countries.

More than a year's worth of planning has gone into the projected launch date of late May. Adams and his riding partner, Matt Riley, will ship the completed bicycles to Anchorage, Alaska, then travel down to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina, in four to six months.

Since his last interview with The Augusta Chronicle , Adams made his first test trip to Atlanta in December and experienced only some minor problems with the bike. He has been tinkering with it since then and already has a sponsor to create the bike's final frame.

He was on his way Friday to get a part for the trailer to haul the gear when the wreck happened on Jackson Road.

Adams said it was statistically impossible not to get into a wreck at some point, so he's glad that at least one is out of the way.

As for the wrecked bike, Adams hopes it will have some value, maybe as a raffle prize.

"Maybe it'll mean something to somebody," he said.

Riding for a drink of water

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