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I'm a Navy veteran. I was eating lunch in Ryan's on Bobby Jones on Valentine's Day, and some nice gentleman paid for our lunch. I was wearing my Navy veteran cap. I want to thank him. God bless him.

A rant to the driver of a white SUV who did a U-turn after using the Broad Street on-ramp to Washington Road. A major mishap was very narrowly avoided. There is not one, but two "no U- turn" signs on the ramp! I believe a motorcyclist was killed by someone doing exactly the same thing.

When the person who called DFACS in the Scott Dean case is finally identified , don't be surprised if it's all related to politics.

Please , parents, block text-messaging capabilities on your child's phone. Cell phones for teens should be used for parent communication and emergencies, not for casual communication. Please, please, driving can be difficult with complete attention. Eliminate any potential problems. Love your children and protect them now. No matter how bad they "have to text," you would rather them live to talk.

Speaker John Boehner needs to stop playing political games and end the wasteful, hurtful repeal of hea l th reform.

A rant for Georgia's state law makers from Augusta, What have you done for your constituents lately? Besides not responding back to your constituent s' letters. Will they introduce or draft any kind of legislation before the session end?

This is for the ranter who wrote "Nobody 'mauls' a hero." Please try telling that to Jesus Christ.

Georgia Sen. Mitch Seabaugh claims that local referendums on alcohol are unconstitutional. Which constitution is he reading? Power is ultimately supposed to lie with the citizenry, thus the most power is supposed to be local. Of course, over two centuries, power grabbers have conned many Americans into believing that the most power should come from higher up the chain. But that's backwards from the Founders, from the Constitution, and from common sense.

A hockey player "shattered" an opponent's jaw and got suspended. No mention of criminal action against the obvious thug. Has America gone completely nuts?

This is a rant for the woman in the Evans Wal-Mart on Saturday around noon. Eating a grape to see if they're good (even though its shoplifting) is one thing , but to suck the insides out of it and then leave the remains on the shelf is just nasty.

Rants to parents that provide cell phones with text: If anything happens to the child, the parents are to blame. When will we stop giving everything to our kids that puts them in real danger?


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