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ONE MORNING WHEN the sun is coming up, I wish I could meet my Muslim brother in a field with a large rock in the middle of it. He could go to one side of the rock and pray to his God, and I would go to the other side of the rock and pray to Jesus. When finished we could shake hands and go to work in that field. Both of us will have our religion, have our democracy and have our freedom without hatred due to respect for each other.

CONCERNING THE North Augusta dog driver. On Washington Road on Valentine's Day, we followed Columbia County female officer No. 205. She was doing 65-plus on Washington Road, Greenbrier to turn into Ronald Reagan Drive. She didn't even use a blinker, and besides, she was on the computer. Talk about texting!

YOUNG WOMEN who have breast-feeding to do should be at home with their children until they're able to look after themselves at school. This business of giving them money for breast-feeding at the job is just outrageous.

RAVES TO MOTHER Nature for this gorgeous weather, but rants to whatever pollen my nose is already detecting. (ahh-choo!)

IF REPUBLICANS were to truly cut out all unconstitutional spending -- which they are not -- they could still not get "mauled" by Democrats for doing that. The people would praise the cutters. Nobody "mauls" a hero.

GOOD EDITORIAL about hopes for Egypt. But don't forget: To hope for a "secular" government ain't enough. After all, what's more "secular" than atheistic marxism?

AN OBIT IS ALWAYS sad, but how ironic that a "longtime politician" died, a man who was in "public service" for over 20 years, and a "beloved figure." And, he "served prison time for fraud ..." helping 8,000 investors to lose abut $275 million. Oh! He "apologized." Well, that must make him "beloved" to those 8,000 victims.

RANTS TO THESE kids. You can see by what happened that these kids won't listen to the parents, so what makes you think the schoolteachers can do a better job? I don't go for running over the child, but this shows you the kids are out of control. It is not the school's job to teach your child respect; it is the parents'. These kids are the future, and we are in trouble.

THIS IS A HUGE rant to Georgia Power. I just got my power bill. I wasn't there two weeks last month. I estimate it at a 40 percent increase. We're getting the increase so they can build another reactor so they can make more money. Well I've got news for y'all. I'm turning down the elements in the water heater and buying candles. You think my bill's going to go up. It's going to go down, pal.

I'D LIKE TO KNOW who the brain child was behind the Golf and Botanical Gardens. They should be held accountable.

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