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WE ARE FED UP with thugs, drugs and booming cars. They must go!

THIS A RANT FOR the Columbia County government. What will it take before you install a traffic light at the intersection of Columbia Road and Old Belair Road? There are frequent accidents and long lines of traffic in all directions. I guess if this situation existed north of the Columbia County Mason-Dixon line (Washington Road), it would be addressed.

WHY DO REAL estate agents put "open house" signs in front of locked houses?

TO THE PERSON WHO says that law enforcement personnel get paid overtime, time-and-a-half: Not in Richmond County. They may get comp time. They have to go to court on their time. But if you take the number of hours worked in a year for a deputy, divide that into the yearly salary, you'll see how much they're getting paid. Believe me, they do not make that much money working in the sheriff's office. It's just a job. They want to do it. But they don't get paid the money that everybody thinks they do.

IF A MINOR COMMITS a crime, their name should be publicized, and their parents', also. This would eliminate some of the crime and would also make the parents responsible for better at-home upbringing.

THIS IS A RANT in response to the article about Gov. Nikki Haley's inaugural party. Boeing Co. gave her $25,000 for the event. She has said several times that she would do everything in her power to keep the union out of the Boeing Co. Now, if this is not buying a governor, or at least bribery, what is?

ABOUT THE LADY who bumped into her son: If he was like my son, he's a good size at 15 years old, and she probably has been threatened by him before. So I don't blame her. If he was disrespectful to me and the teacher, I'd bump him, too, to knock him off balance so I could get his cell phone. Don't judge until you've been there.

THIS IS A RANT FOR reproductive rights advocates. Women have very good reproductive control methods: Self-control and birth control. And abortion in the case of incest or rape. The taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize a failure of personal moral responsibility. You should reap what you sow.

THE RICHMOND COUNTY Sheriff's Office, they shoot first and ask questions later. I guess it cuts down on paperwork.

SCOTT DEAN KNEW people. That's how he got bond. That's why he's out on bond. But the young mother who ran over her son, she doesn't know anybody. She's going to sit in jail because she doesn't have connections. It's not what you know in this world, it's who you know. It's just not right, but that's how it is.

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