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IT'S SUCH A SHAME to lose a man like Matthew Burke, and I think we should remind the cyclists that they could be a little more careful out there. The drivers of the automobiles could be a little more careful out there. And it's really bad in the area because of the crowdedness and the road conditions and stuff. Again, that's a terrible shame. But remember, think of yourself and be careful.

A BIG RAVE and thank you to the person or people who bought my family and me breakfast at the Waffle House in Evans on Tuesday morning. It is such a great thing to know that there are wonderful people like you. We hope to "pay it forward" soon.

IT IS INSULTING to think that some residents of Richmond County do not think that employees of Augusta deserve decent working conditions. Would you sit in a chair all day long that is held together by duct tape? Probably not. Purchasing someone a new chair is not going to cause your taxes to be raised.

THIS IS A RANT to all the ball coaches. The weather is too cold for these kids to start playing ball now. Think about them and the parents who have to sit out there and watch the games. It is too cold.

A RANT TO JOE Jackson, $50,000 of taxpayer money is not a drop in the bucket! The Augusta Commission is charged with being good stewards of tax dollars. I think its time for all of Augusta's so-called leaders to resign, or it is time for a recall election. Maybe we can hire a contractor to run the city.

PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY we are spending millions of dollars putting the new governor's name on state entry signs, changing street and building names for the huge egos of our distinguished leaders while the fine state of Georgia may cut the meal delivery and respite care for our senior citizens. Unbelievable! Take all of this money and you look after children, old folks and animals! Wasteful spending needs to end . Now!

IF PEOPLE WOULD do their research, they would realize that global warming does not just mean it's getting warmer . It causes all of the erratic weather that we are seeing around the world, snow in strange places, earthquakes, typhoons, etc.

THIS IS A RANT about the railroad tracks and trains. Instead them wasting money to change the Medical College of Georgia's name, they ought to waste money and fix these railroad crossings where people don't have to sit and wait for the train every 30 minutes for work.

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