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Comments from our readers:


WHAT IS ALVIN MASON thinking by trying to delay Fred Russell from being able to hire and fire? Mason, please get with the program. We must stop government waste!

TO THE KIND GENTLEMAN who sold papers on Sunday at the Walmart entrance on Deans Bridge Road: You always had a smile and a warm greeting, made us feel as though you watched for us every week. We miss you; it's not the same without you.

VOTERS TOLD GOVERNMENT to butt out in November. And butt out means stay out -- not "start over" on health care.

A MUSLIM STARTED a TV station to "...counter the negative stereotypes of Muslims..." He was convicted of cutting his wife's head off. Yep, that certainly ended those negative stereotypes of Muslims.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA would be one of history's worst singers, if she was a singer.

A STORY SAYS A convicted killer "waived his right to a jury trial, preventing the state from seeking the death penalty." Such a rule seems to make no sense. Who voted for such a rule?

I AM OFFICIALLY embarrassed to be an Augusta employee. If the Augusta Commission members are truly "part-time employees," as Mr. Mason stated, I do not want to be associated with someone who would behave in such a manner in public.

THIS IS TO THE person who wrote murder, sex, child molestation in Columbia County. Were you born yesterday? That's everywhere you go.

I WOULD LIKE to ask all of my fellow combat veterans from Vietnam: Would you like to re-enact the Vietnam War?

THIS IS A BIG RAVE for the excellent care that I received on the 9 East wing at Dwight Eisenhower Army Medical Center, recovering from my colon surgery this week. Thank you very much, staff.

HOPEFULLY, WE'LL GET a real leader like Reagan in the White House in 2012. Also, we need to stop the foreign aid except for Israel and a few other little countries. This is absolutely ridiculous what's going on. Our elderly people are the ones who built this country. Wake up, America.

THE PEOPLE WHO think they can shoot someone because of personal evaluation of excessive noise levels needs to carry earplugs or enter a psychiatric facility. As for saying that is a priority of our poor underpaid, overworked and most wonderful law enforcement officers, get a life. Kudos and raves to all our officers!

SIGNAGE: SIGNS (as of identification, warning, or direction) or a system of such signs ... This is for the ranter complaining about not being able to find signage in a dictionary.

THIS IS A RAVE for North Augusta police officer John Rutland. I met him at the barber shop and gave him my spot so that he could get back on his job. He thanked me, had his haircut and left. When I had my haircut and started to leave I was told that John had paid for my haircut. I appreciated that very much.

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