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I READ IN Sunday's paper about the man being arrested for shooting in the McDonald's drive-in about the car behind him with the booming music. It was bound to happen. I can't take it anymore myself. If Sheriff Ronnie Strength will not uphold the law that was passed that makes this loud music illegal, then it's going to keep happening. Somebody's going to get hurt. I am an American citizen, and I shouldn't have to listen to this vulgar, loud, obnoxious thumping all the time.

I'M 73 YEARS OLD. I can relate so much with Sylvia Cooper's article in Sunday's paper about the man looking for Talmadge Memorial Hospital. I was a patient there in 1962, and it was a process you had to go through to even get to be a patient there. Your doctor had to recommend you and you had to have something that the students could learn from. And you also had to have papers for people to sign saying that you were a resident of Georgia. If the students at the Medical College of Georgia don't have the sense enough to know how to cross the street, I don't think I would want them doctoring on me.

WHY IN THE HECK would anyone in Richmond County want to be a commissioner? There is no way in the world that anything can be accomplished when all issues are drawn on racial lines. No way should the commission be involved in the hiring and firing process of the city government. What is it with Ben Hasan and the so-called Baptist Ministers Conference? Are they scared that City Administrator Fred Russell will fire one of their acquaintances or relatives? Be assured that if he ever gets the authority, he will be closely watched by all concerned. Give him a chance.

WHOM IS AUGUSTA National trying to impress? Not me, surely. Their parking instructions mailer asks me to follow "SIGNAGE" in their lot. If I can't find "signage" in the dictionary, how can I find it in the lot?

PAPER, LIKE WATER , is a lot heavier than people think, and hauling heavy paper ain't cheap. Yet the U.S. Postal Service "will study whether it would be cheaper to sort Augusta mail in Columbia..." That means they want you to mail a letter from Augusta to Augusta and have it hauled to Columbia and back before it's delivered. And they seem to imply that Augusta is a "small" post office. What's the federal government's game? It surely isn't in making things cheaper.

Y'ALL DIDN'T PRINT my New Year's procrastination resolution! It was much more intellectual than the jabs I make at the Democrats. Your readers are smart enough to figure it out. Here, let's try it again. I'll even make it shorter and easier for the editors to understand. I've just made my New Year's resolution: I'm going to stop procrastinating.

WHY ARE OBAMA and Biden giving advice to the Egyptians? They can't even lead our country!

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