Thomson man buys $1 million lottery ticket

THOMSON --- Michael Moss said he stopped at the Quick Mart lottery counter by chance Tuesday after a doctor appointment.


He returned to the store at 402 Main St. by choice Friday to celebrate winning a $1 million top prize in the Georgia Lottery Black $10 instant game.

"This is the luckiest store in Thomson," Moss said before accepting an oversize check from Georgia Lottery District Manager John Hodor.

Hodor said five $1 million prizes remain available in the Georgia Lottery Black game.

Moss, who had been off work with the flu Tuesday, said he didn't spend much on the lottery that evening.

"I got about two Jumbo Bucks and that Georgia Black," he said.

He said he was surprised when he saw the $1 million prize on his ticket.

"I mean you never really hear about anybody winning around here," he said.

"The guy was so cool and calm at the time," said Sikandar "Sunny" Memon, who said he has owned the store about four years.

Memon said he was at the store about 6:30 p.m. when Melvin Harris sold the winning ticket. He said Moss showed the winning ticket to others and returned Wednesday to provide a photocopy, which is now posted above the counter.

Moss made no ceremony of telling his wife, Shamika, about the winning ticket.

"I just walked in and showed it to her," he said. She agreed that she also took the news with little comment.

He said the winnings will "pay off bills and send the kids to college." He said the family is making no vacation plans for the moment.

Moss is a chalk miner with Thiel Kaolin Co. in Wrens. Shamika Moss works at SGD North America in Sparta, where she decorates perfume bottles.

Michael Moss said Georgia Lottery officials offered him choices ranging from taking the prize immediately to taking the winnings over 20 years. Moss had not chosen a payout plan as of Friday.

Memon does not receive a share of the winnings on scratch-off tickets, but hopes the publicity will increase sales. He said his store has sold a $100,000 winning ticket and two $50,000 winners.