Rants & Raves

I have a rant. Scott Dean has got until Friday to turn himself in … How sweet … If that had been me or some other average John, they would have done kicked my door down and took to jail. What gives with the special treatment?

This is a Rave for Fred Russell who put together a great plan to improve our city government. It is about time! I don’t always agree with the way Fred has done some things in Augusta but our local government needs the people reduction and the improved chain of command. Good job!

RANT to the commissioners! How can you folks know i f the people Fred Russell wants to fire or hire are a good fit? You only work part time and Fred has to deal with these folks everyday. Let him do his job without having to always come through the commission. What were you thinking?

How long before the commissioners take a hard stand with local government waste? WORK FOR THE PEOPLE! Cut the unnecessary headcount and spending.

Walter Ray, head of the “name change IT project” for what was MCG says, “It’s an exciting time …” Isn’t it always “exciting” to throw $3 million down a rathole?

To the girl who responded to the writer about the hair color, saying that’s what’s wrong with this world now and that you are too scared to express yourself. I find that very scary. And if looking like a weird slob is expressing yourself I am so glad I’m expressing myself by dressing neatly and being classy.

Not a rant or a rave. Why can’t the Augusta Richmond County Commission agree to let one person run the operations of the city? All of the commissioners have opinions but they do not need to be interjected into personnel matters of the city. Some seem to think they will lose their power if Mr. Russell is given this responsibility. Give him the power and see what happens.

Whatever you do, don’t accidentally kill someone by driving over them and hitting them with your vehicle. You will get two whole months in jail. Money talks in Columbia County.

WANT  to help folks like at Shiloh and all that deserve it? Cut the heat down (in the jail). Cut the TV off and go to two meals a day. Hold off on changing their jail clothes. They’re inmates. Look at the prisoners in jail, how well they’re treated. And then you could say, “Oh well we could cut back and take that money and run places like Shiloh.”

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