Wild dog pack worrisome to Summerville residents

Summerville residents say a pack of wild dogs in their neighborhood has them  concerned for the safety of both  children and pets  .


David Dunagan, the chairman of the Summerville Crime Watch Committee, said 15-20 cats and one dog have been killed since the pack of  about five appeared  two weeks ago.

“The dog that was attacked was being walked by its owner on a leash,” he said. “The owner had to let the pet go and be killed for his own safety.”

 “As we know from what happened two weeks ago in Modoc (S.C.), these dogs can kill somebody,” Dunagan said.

Augusta Animal Services has been patrolling the area since Jan. 25, according to Director Sharon Broady.

Three dogs were caught Thursday morning after being chased by Summerville residents , Augusta State University police and employees at animal service. Dunagan said the dogs ran through Episcopal Day School’s property, which was put on lockdown following the incident.

A white pit bull and a brown Rott weiler remain loose in the neighborhood. Summerville residents are relying on the crime alert service to notify their neighbors of the dogs’ location in hopes of  capturing the  animals.