Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


Good editorial that tells Augusta politicians to "do more with less," with one caveat. Even better, do less with less. Most governments nowadays meddle into people's personal lives and responsibilities. Do LESS with less!

TO ALL THE SANCTIMONIOUS anti-abortion hypocrites: if you believe in the sanctity of all life, why are there so many homeless, starving children right here in the USA? Why are you against welfare, against providing health care, against anything that might help the poor? Abortion is a personal choice and has no place on the political agenda.

THE PARKING LOT AT the Aqua Center in Richmond County is a crime zone, and little to nothing is being done about it. Numerous people have had their car windows smashed and contents from their cars stolen. Over the last two months this happened to my daughter's car and to my granddaughter's car. An undercover policeman needs to be stationed there to catch the criminals. Many people visit from out of town for swim meets; the parking lot is often full. We need better protection and prevention.

ABOUT THE RANT to the sheriff that asked if "speeding tickets are more important than burglaries." If the writer would have read about the burglary task force in the Jan 20 Augusta Chronicle before being so ready to criticize, he would know the task force is comprised of one officer from each of the existing "traffic" details, which is what he refers to as "road patrol."

CONGRESSMEN SAY THEY will sit next to their opponents at Obama's State of the Union speech. Why would a crook want to sit next to another crook, except to run some kind of scam?

THE EXCELLENT EDITORIAL about the sheriff's office having to cut back on minor calls didn't mention that it seems no matter how good cops are, modern courts will continue to tie their hands.

NORTH AUGUSTA CITY Council candidates! I will vote for whoever promises to get rid of the new $3 "convenience" charge for paying my utility bill online.

TO THE PERSON in Richmond County who said there were storage buildings in the front yard and it looked like people over in South Carolina: I think you offended Richmond County people and South Carolinians. Please tell the readers the streets that you saw these so-called storage buildings on. Because it sounds like you're a snob. And maybe you have a problem.

IF THEY ARE GOING TO take the "n" word out of Mark Twain's book, all the rappers should have to take it out of their music and stop calling each other that on the street.