Rants & Raves

Comments from our readers:


RAVES TO DEPUTY SHEPHERD for his bravery in facing an armed burglar alone. However, while on administrative leave, my brother, go to the range and practice your double tap in the 10 ring. It would've saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical, prosecution and incarceration costs.

I'VE BEEN TAKING my blood pressure medication for a long time. It's been $3 a month with my senior discount. I went to get the prescription refilled last week. It's $300. I almost fainted. So, I have to go to my doctor and see if I can get him to change me to another kind. I don't understand what happened. Apparently the insurance companies have changed. I could not believe something went from $3 to $300.

THE CONFEDERATE FLAG is just like Laney-Walker Boulevard. It's part of my heritage and I'm proud of it.

THIS IS A RAVE to Mr. Roberson, our school superintendent, for finding 124 students who could afford to pay for their own meals. I think if he continues his investigation he'll probably be able to find 1,024 students. Keep up the good work, Mr. Roberson.

THIS IS A RANT for all you sidewalk superintendents who think you can do the job better. Get off the back of Sheriff Strength. He does the best he can on a limited budget. You try doing a construction job with a wheelbarrow when you really need a dump truck.

THIS A RANT for the Richmond County government. I suggest getting rid of those who are past Social Security or retirement age. Have just one boss in charge of each department instead of so many straw bosses. ... Have the bosses doing their work instead of putting others in charge of it. Cut out so many cell phones. Use them only for the sheriff's office. I could go on, but this is just a few things that could help Richmond County to get going instead of going broke.

DESPITE ALL THE fancy lingo answers from D.C. politicians who claim we "must" raise the debt ceiling, just remember this: Anybody who owes and says the solution is to up the borrowing is either a crook or an idiot.

I WOULD LIKE to ask all those people who will not use turn signals: Are you too stupid to know what they are there for, or just too lazy to use them?

I AM HOPING Sarah Palin runs for president. ... She simply can't compete with President Obama after that eloquent speech he delivered in Arizona last week. The difference in poise, education and leadership -- well, this man is so far above her realm of intelligence that this election will be another landslide.

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