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I was warm in my bed last night and I could hear dogs barking in the neighborhood. Last night the wind chill was in the teens. The fact that they have hair on them does not mean they're warm. ... If you don't want a pet, then don't get one. They're not toys that you kick around and then throw away.

A big rant to the Bell Auditorium. Brian Regan is a very funny man. Thirty-four dollars and fifty cents. They have got to be kidding me. ... And then it's $6, $7, $8 for a beer. No wonder nobody goes downtown. You people are insane.

Your editorial asks, "And why the bizarre hatred of Palin?" Easy answer. The left FEARS Palin. She's from the common people, she worked her way up, she's Christian, she's conservative, and she doesn't run from a fight. While they all claim she's not quite up to snuff intellectually, they know she is; and they're scared to death for her to become president. It's just fear.

Every single U.S. state but Florida now has snow on the ground. (That means 49 states to most of us and 56 states to the geographer Obama.) Has that EVER happened in history? No matter how the socialists skew their fancy "stats" and "models," they can't make the slightest bit of sense out of their "global warming" lie.

Has anybody noticed how often lately politicians talk about their public service? When's the last time you saw an office-holder serving the public rather than serving himself?

I mean, really, if the Union had a snow machine, the Civil War would have been over in a week.

Hey Augusta, has anybody been on Laney Walker lately? What a mess. These businesses have no interest in spending their money to improve it. I say go fir it MCG.

I read that 42 percent of the police officers do not use their seat belts because it interferes with their getting in and out of their vehicle. We have to get in and out of our vehicles. Maybe if they'd lose some of those big stomachs they could get out and in easier.

A giant rave to the Cardiologists, ICU and staff on Ward 5D at the VA Medical Center for the extraordinary care you provided me after my heart attack the Monday before Christmas. I cannot began to call names for fear of missing someone. Your professionalism, care, and thoroughness were beyond the call of duty and rank with the BEST in the country. Thank you and my Heavenly Father for giving me a second chance. Oh yes, I cannot forget "Dr. Brut" for making my mornings so joyous.

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