Rants & Raves

Comments from our readers:

Does it really matter who the mayor pro tem  is? And why do we need such a useless position in the first place? We already have a do-nothing mayor with virtually no power who is essentially just a ribbon-cutter. So do we need a back-up in case Deke’s ribbon-cutting hand gets tired? Let’s just give everyone some fancy title like they do in England and make everyone happy.

This is a rant for you people in the Jail Report. I’m glad y’all think it’s funny that y’all get arrested. Y’all are posing like y’all are taking pictures from Glamour Shots. I bet y’all’d wipe that smile off your face when y’all have that fine pop up that you gotta pay. So quit smiling because it’s not funny. All you’re doing is wasting your own money.

Augustans would go to hockey games. Move them out to the ice arena area building;  they’ll come out there. They’re not going down to James Brown Arena. Get the deputies to stop the panhandling or you’re going to get even worse.

This is a rant to all the smokers and the trash they throw out of their cars – cigarette butts. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

I have a rant for the cop I saw the other day trying to chase down two shoplifters leaving Old Navy off Robert C. Daniel Jr. Parkway. They were  “bigger than average ” ladies and you still couldn’t catch them? The one lady even fell down, got up and still was well ahead. Shouldn’t there be a weight requirement or fitness level for street cops? I don’t feel safe knowing you couldn’t chase them down yourself. Slowest foot chase I’d ever seen.

A rant for Augusta commissioners:   If you have your e - mail as a contact method make sure that your inbox is not rejecting messages because it’s  full, and that your company e - mail that you use for a contact address does not reject e - mails as spam.

 I would like to say a wonderful thing about Betty at Walmart on Deans Bridge Road. She greets people with the biggest, most wonderful smile I’ve ever seen in my life. She is an asset to the world ,  and she makes that Walmart light up when you see her. Such a wonderful woman to greet people when they walk in the door.

After reading your editorial page article this morning talking about media bias, I was just knocked over. How can The Chronicle complain about media bias when that’s all you deal in? I mean, I don’t blame nobody for it. We all have it. But to go around and complain about others, The Chronicle has no ground to stand on.

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